Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt


EDIS (Austria) does offer Let’s Encrypt SSL starting from March 31, 2016


The German web hosting provider webgo.de also supports Let’s Encrypt now in their web hosting accounts - except of their starter account.
I wrote a blog post about it: Setting up a Let’s Encrypt certificate on a web hosting account at webgo.
There is also a German version.


Online.net offer now https for all web hosting with letsencrypt certificats, enabled by default.

see https://documentation.online.net/en/hebergement-mutualise/gestion-web/ssl

Online.net proposes now the usage of HTTPS on its hostings by default.
HTTPS allows to securize the exchanges between the client (visitor of your site) and the server (our platform)
It usually preferred for online shops, but HTTPS becomes more and more a standard on the web.
The certificate is automatically managed by
It is a new initiative that allows to generate SSL certificates that are known by all browsers and it is free.


German WordPress web hosting with letsencrypt certificats:
—> www.wp-webhosting.de


Hello. NewHostservers.com now also supports Let’s Encrypt Certificates from CPanel for all customers.

Is Let's Encrypt stable now?

Krystal Hosting now provides full automation for issuing/installing/renewing Let’s Encrypt certificates for all shared hosting services.


Doesn’t use Let’s Encrypt but http://hostpoint.ch provides something similar using Symantec’s new Encryption Everywhere programme.


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Wordpress.com now supports it and it’s enabled by default!


I have went through all the posts since my last post, and have added all missing sites which weren’t added yet. :slight_smile:

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Hey Archer, I know this isn’t really the right space but I’m trying to get Lets Encrypt setup on a rackspace cloud site and any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve already talked to two people at Rackspace and neither have known anything about Lets Encrypt.


libyanspider.com source https://libyanspider.com/blog/free-ssl-certificates-everyone/


Planned for the end of this month and will be available on all our web hosting plans: https://www.brontobytes.com/


Apr 26, 2016


Thank you for your idea.

We are already implementing it and soon it will available to our clients.

We look forward to being of service.


Samanta J.

Help Desk Staff



Wait wait wait… so you aren’t allowing ALL shared clients access to free SSL? Instead charging for a HIGHER plan to allow them to use SSL? That’s the same as having to pay for a cert. You dont fully support LetsEncrypt, you support is behind a paywall for “starter” plans meaning you dont care about everyone being ssl encrypted, unless they are willing to pay more. Im not going to judge your business model, but that goes against what LetsEncrypt is trying to do and that is giving EVERYONE easy access to SSL.


Contact their support, or use google as this isnt a support for any hosting company. :slight_smile:


www.infobahn.co.za now supports Lets encrypt with free certificates on all plans…


www.internetsolutions.hk in Hong Kong is already supporting Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificates. Please add it to your list, thanks!


This can now be automated on Heroku with a third-party utility:


NearlyFreeSpeech now also has an automated command to install an SSL certificate, but it can currently only be run via SSH, so would take a bit of hacking to automate LE: