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This is Ravi. I have a website, it’s and it is a non profitable social networking site. Actually, i have ssl certificate in Hostgator and it is going to expired on 8th dec 2017. My query is last time, i have hired a free lancer to install ssl certificate and he installed ssl certificate from Let’s Encrypt.
Right now i have 45 days time in let’s encrypt ssl. If hostgator ssl got expired, what will happened?

Most likely nothing, since you are using the certificate from Lets Encrypt which expires 2018-01-16.

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When your certificate expires, your site will appear in a browser like the following page, effectively breaking it for most visitors:

There are a lot of hosting providers that provide HTTPS via Let's Encrypt at no additional charge. Unfortunately, HostGator is not one of them - according to this page, they charge between $10 and $25 per certificate installation (which would be every 3 months).

You can find a list of hosting providers that support Let's Encrypt here:

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