Installing LetsEncrypt Certificates on Site5 Hosting Using CPanel

I am new here so I dont know if I am approaching this question as it a common question here I assume. I have CPanel access to my server on Site5 but have no idea how to create and apply a certificate My website is and my server is Site5. This is the only place I could find on this forum to even start a discussion. It is confusing to navigate I need help

Hi @artfaux,

For cPanel, there is a feature called AutoSSL which is able to get and install Let's Encrypt certificates for users.

Your hosting provider needs to have this feature installed and available, and only the hosting provider can choose and arrange to do this (there's nothing that you or we can do to enable it if they don't). There are other options if the hosting provider for some reason doesn't support AutoSSL but does allow you to import a certificate obtained elsewhere, but hopefully that's not the case because it's significantly more work in comparison to AutoSSL.

According to the thread at

another Site5 customer was previously told that Site5 would not support Let's Encrypt at all (apparently as a deliberate policy decision). Perhaps you could check with their support about whether this information is correct and up-to-date.

Thanks for getting back to me on this. The last time I talked to Site5 they wanted 200 bucks for a certificate I been a member with them for 5 years now and you would think it would be part of the service for a dedicated server. I am an old man with little income and can’t afford that. I am trying to set up an ecommerce site to supplement at least a little bit of money but it also seems to be some greedy prick that screws things up, it’s a catch 22 kind of thing

This is important: which "plan" do you have with Site5, "Web Hosting" or "Fully Managed VPS"?

Managed VPS I think however I still have access to my files

I also have a Fully Managed VPS with Site5. Please let me know if you find a solution, and I will do the same.

@artfaux @robdhayes, for the VPS, are you able to log in to a command prompt on your servers over SSH? Do you have root access?

hi @artfaux

try using a client like zerossl and then importing the certs through CPanel


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