Installing Certificates with WHM and cPanel

I have WHM and cPanel installed on a VPS. WHM allowed me to install the plugin created by cPanel company to use LetsEncrypt. Now LetsEncrypt appears as the SSL provider. I read this Help page:
and I believe I have covered this step of making LetsEncrypt work inside the WHM using the plugin .
What are the next steps?
Do I have to ask my hosting provider:
if LetsEncrypt is supported in the VPS server or the mere fact that I have succeeded in installing the LetsEncrypt plugin inside WHM means that LetsEncrypt is supported?
Could you please pass me a guide to start installing Certificates from inside WHM and getting the certificate from LetsEncrypt ?

Hi @robertolito,

Did you then try to activate a certificate for your site in cPanel?

I am new activating Certificates. Can you give me a guide?

I believe it might be something like this:

AutoSSL is designed to work on a non-interactive basis.

That is to say, you shouldn’t need to ask cPanel to issue a certificate, it will happen automatically if validation is possible. This usually happens within a few minutes.

It is possible to force it via the WHM interface, if you are the root admin.

Otherwise you’d need to contact the WHM admin/host and ask them to check the AutoSSL logs.

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Thanks for the correction, @_az! You can see that I haven’t used cPanel myself.

@_az So, how do I tell AutoSSL to give a certificate to a certain domain ? Will it do it automatically without me requesting it? I don’t have to point at the domain somehow to indicate which domain I want the certificate on? By the way, I am the WHM admin/ host

It should do it automatically soon after the domain is added to cPanel. AutoSSL will run for all domains on the server that it can manage, no opt-in require (by default).

If it isn’t, then there’s probably something blocking the functionality (such as failing domain validation).

You can go to WHM -> Manage AutoSSL and check logs on a per-user basis, force runs for users etc:

Failing that, cPanel support should be able to help you with this.

Thank you. Will try that.

Go to WHM > Search for “SSL” > Select “Manage Service SSL Certificates” > Browse and select available certificate (or copy/paste) > Choose the services you prefer to install SSL on > Then, “Install”. This should do it. Let me know how it goes!

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