Help please in connecting SSL cert from Let's Encrypt to domain names

Hello all,

New to Let’s Encrypt.

Running cPanel/WHM with root access.
Managing numerous client domains/websites, which I want to provide with free automatic SSL certs

Domain names are with another provider, GoDaddy usually.

I’m familiar with getting .csr and using that to get .crt from GoDaddy and installing to cPanel.

Confused with whether it’s all automated by Let’s Encrypt.

WHM shows me that the certs have been generated for most/all domains on this server.

How should I go about connecting the certs with the domain?

Your advice and tutorials are sought plz. I have read the Let’s Encrypt docs but haven’t found the answers I need.

I’m not sure what exactly the problem is here.

You say you’re confused about whether it’s automated by Let’s Encrypt… Do you have a Let’s Encrypt plugin installed at your cPanel/WHMs?

yes, Let’s Encrypt plugin is installed. whm shows me that the certs have been created but trying just brings up the http site.

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