Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt

I wanted to make a list of Web Hosting providers who are in favor for supporting Let's Encrypt. This means they have to support shared hosting too, not just the obvious vps/dedicated/cloud hosts whom already offer root access and whose customers can do it themselves. Most can be contacted via feedback@domain requesting them to add support for it including on their shared hosting if they provide it, or bug them on social networking like twitter or facebook.

The cPanel official addon has already been released @Aug 10 2016. WHM v58.0.17 and later will support this feature. (Extra Action needed to enable Let's Encrypt. Check https://blog.cpanel.com/announcing-cpanel-whms-official-lets-encrypt-with-autossl-plugin/)
Please note that the plugin only supports ACMEv1 & http-01. For ACMEv2 w/ Wildcard, a plugin is available for purchase. https://letsencrypt-for-cpanel.com/

Why make this list? To directly point out who cares about online privacy and who doesn't.

Web Hosting Providers Let's Encrypt Support Status

New requests to add information should be posted under

This is a community maintained list and does not guarantee implementation.

Table of contents


Providers that Automatically Enable Let's Encrypt and Redirect HTTP->HTTPS by Default:

This is the best support of Let's Encrypt's mission "to create a more secure and privacy-respecting Web."

Web Hosting Providers with Let's Encrypt Support:

No Support

In Progress:

These large providers are currently rolling out support for Let's Encrypt for custom domains. You may or may not be able to enable support in their control panel, or you might notice certificates have recently been issued for your domains hosted with these services.


Dedicated/VPS/Cloud Hosting:

  • All Dedicated, VPS, and Cloud IaaS hosting supports Let's Encrypt with any client. This is not a link directory page.

No Planned Support:

NOTE: it may still possible to obtain and install Let's Encrypt certificates with these providers, but it will require manually installing your own client or using a third-party website, and your hosting provider will not provide support for doing so.


  • 1 = Premium service; not included by default, requires a higher package/plan.


We now have a separate forum topic for requests for addition and edits:

If you post your information there, a volunteer can edit this list after verifying it. Thanks!

This information is also available on Does My Hosting Provider Offer HTTPS? | Certbot


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