I need to know my hosting compatibility

My domain is: uniquenetsys.com

I need to know if your service compatible with Ehost.
Thank You

There’s two aspects to this. “Compatible” and “integrated with” are very different things. Almost any host would be “compatible” with Let’s Encrypt, but that compatibility may be limited to you manually pasting the certificate into a management site each time you renew it. Many more are compatible in the sense that you can run certbot (or a similar tool) from SSH command-line access.

As for integration, many hosts integrate with Let’s Encrypt, providing basically a one-click solution to apply Let’s Encrypt certificates natively in their management interface. You’d have to ask the hosting provider, as they’re the ones who determine how much they want (or don’t want) to integrate with Let’s Encrypt.

There’s a pretty massive list/thread here with a bunch of known supported hosting providers. A cursory ctrl-f search for Ehost doesn’t turn up anything, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not supported/integrated. Web Hosting who support Lets Encrypt

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