Certbot's website has a new design

Certbot has a brand new website! Today we’ve launched a major update that will help Certbot’s users get started even more quickly and easily.

This change is the culmination of a year’s work in understanding how users interact with the Certbot tool and information around it. Last year, the Certbot team ran user studies to identify areas of confusion—from questions users had when getting started to common mistakes that were often made. These findings led to changes in both the instructions for interacting with the command-line tool, and in how users get the full range of information necessary to set up HTTPS.

The new site will make it clearer what the best steps are for all users, whether that’s understanding the prerequisites to running Certbot, getting clear steps to install and run it, or figuring out how to get HTTPS in their setup without using Certbot at all.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the post Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt and especially @stevenzhu for maintaining it as we used this as reference when building Does My Hosting Provider Offer HTTPS?.

Over a year ago, Let’s Encrypt hit 50 million active users—and counting. We hope this update will help us expand on that peak, and make unencrypted websites a thing of the past.


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