Certbot 1.16.0 Release

Certbot 1.16.0 has just been released. The changelog entry for the release is:

1.16.0 - 2021-06-01


  • DNS plugins based on lexicon now require dns-lexicon >= v3.1.0
  • Use UTF-8 encoding for renewal configuration files
  • Windows installer now cleans up old Certbot dependency packages
    before installing the new ones to avoid version conflicts.
  • This release contains a substantial command-line UX overhaul,
    based on previous user research. The main goal was to streamline
    and clarify output. If you would like to see more verbose output, use
    the -v or -vv flags. UX improvements are an iterative process and
    the Certbot team welcomes constructive feedback.
  • Functions certbot.crypto_util.init_save_key and certbot.crypto_util.init_save_csr,
    whose behaviors rely on the global Certbot config singleton, are deprecated and will
    be removed in a future release. Please use certbot.crypto_util.generate_key and
    certbot.crypto_util.generate_csr instead.


  • Fix TypeError due to incompatibility with lexicon >= v3.6.0
  • Installers (e.g. nginx, Apache) were being restarted unnecessarily after dry-run renewals.
  • Colors and bold text should properly render in all supported versions of Windows.

More details about these changes can be found on our GitHub repo.


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