Certbot 2.7.0 Release

Hey all, we just released Certbot 2.7.0! The changes are:


  • Add certbot.util.LooseVersion class. See GH #9489.
  • Add a new base class certbot.plugins.dns_common_lexicon.LexiconDNSAuthenticator to implement a DNS
    authenticator plugin backed by Lexicon to communicate with the provider DNS API. This approach relies
    heavily on conventions to reduce the implementation complexity of a new plugin.
  • Add a new test base class certbot.plugins.dns_test_common_lexicon.BaseLexiconDNSAuthenticatorTest to
    help testing DNS plugins implemented on top of LexiconDNSAuthenticator.


  • NamespaceConfig now tracks how its arguments were set via a dictionary, allowing us to remove a bunch
    of global state previously needed to inspect whether a user set an argument or not.
  • Support for Python 3.7 was deprecated and will be removed in our next planned release.
  • Added RENEWED_DOMAINS and FAILED_DOMAINS environment variables for consumption by post renewal hooks.
  • Deprecates LexiconClient base class and build_lexicon_config function in
    certbot.plugins.dns_common_lexicon module in favor of LexiconDNSAuthenticator.
  • Deprecates BaseLexiconAuthenticatorTest and BaseLexiconClientTest test base classes of
    certbot.plugins.dns_test_common_lexicon module in favor of BaseLexiconDNSAuthenticatorTest.


  • Do not call deprecated datetime.utcnow() and datetime.utcfromtimestamp()
  • Filter zones in certbot-dns-google to avoid usage of private DNS zones to create records

More details about these changes can be found on our GitHub repo.


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