Update our entry in the list of webhosting companies supporting LE by default


We, manitu, a German hosting company, are supporting LE almost from the beginning.

We are already listed on

From today on, we support LE by default for all new customers and enable http to https redirection by default.

Can someone please update our entry or bump our user level to do this on our own?

As source for this information: https://www.hostblogger.de/blog/archives/6834-SSL-Zertifikat-von-Lets-Encrypt-fuer-alle-neuen-Webhosting-Pakete-ab-sofort-Standard.html


Further source link: https://twitter.com/manitu_de/status/854284891948806146


I’ve bumped your user level, you should be able to make the changes in the linked topic now.


Thank you so much!

We are proud to be part of LE and support it with pleasure!


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