What to do? (Complete noob version)

Hi LE community ,
I am completely new to whole website/web server thing.
All I can say is I have a domain name dailycodehour.com which is currently hosted on ifastnet’s premium trial offer. I get my ssl using LE by using their cpanel. But my offer will end soon and I will move on to the (byethost) free hosting again where I have something like


So I basically have a domain name , a cpanel , and zero knowledge of server or something like it.

Is it possible for me to use LE and gett a ssl for my domain?
Can anyone give a detailed how to do noob version?

I am using windows10(64bit) / ubuntu 16.04(32bit) pcs.
offtopic: I’m trying to learn how to make apps like this page. . Can anyone help me with it too.

Thanks in advance.

Me too i have a number of sites hosted on nameheap.com and a walkthrough for my situation would be helpful for an old man zero tech skills

To be honest, if you are completely new to these things I’d use a web hosting provider that supports LE There are plenty to choose from, and that way installation is simply the push of a button (or even less, as it’s done automatically).

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I agree with @serverco’s suggestion. If you’re not at all familiar with system administration via the command line (over ssh), you’ll probably need a hosting provider that has chosen to integrate support for Let’s Encrypt. Or, if you’re really committed to an existing provider that hasn’t done this, you could ask the provider if they’re willing to.

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Thanks for the replies guys, may be finally I have to do as suggested.
As far as I have tried The easy way: LetsEncrypt-Win-Simple . But I think couldn’t make the iis thing right.