Can I pay someone from Let's Encrypt to do this for me?

Can I pay someone from Let’s Encrypt to do this for me?

I have no experience with Linux, or any of this.

What platform are you running on? And furthermore if your in a position of business it would be best to get a managed service provider to handle this for you.

What do you mean platform?

I host with Go Daddy, I just have access to C Panel, FTP… That’s as technical as I get.

My site is on wordpress

There’s a community-maintained list of Web Hosting Providers with Let’s Encrypt support. If you don’t need anything fancy and don’t want to deal with server administration and TLS configuration, that’s probably your best bet.

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Platform means Mac, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, etc

I'm really sorry I couldn't be more help for you in the other thread. Honestly, for now, you might be better off buying an SSL cert from GoDaddy. I mean, if you're going to pay anyway, you might as well go for something that has a simple yearly renewal and works with the service you're already using.

DarkSteve is right, unfortunately GoDaddy do not support it (yet) its just easier to have your own vps server or a dedicated server for this in the beginning… or use one of GoDaddys own SSL service

But if you want, Imrubi92 i have lots of free space over at my own public webserver, so if u want to move your site (for a small fee) to that one i can implement let’s encrypt on your site for free :slight_smile:
Never hurts to ask :blush:

I was almost on the verge of asking this myself. I am new to all things linux / command line but I want to run a web server from home as I want to host the game servers for the games I make without having to worry about the limitations of the VPS I get. If I can run it on my dedicated server then I know it works. Simple.

I tried getting a VPS from and installed this on there. Considering the fact that this is my first VPS and my first time using Linux (ever) I was quite impressed with myself for being able to copy-paste the step by step commands to set up a secure server and install ISPConfig onto it. And it only took me about 2 hours from getting my VM to getting my sites online. Awesome.

So I installed this on there and it worked smooth as silk (except my browser kept telling me that the SSL is not trusted, but apart from that, at least I could use https in my urls). Unfortunately has this annoying habit of disabling my VM every other month forcing me to install a new one and setup my entire system from scratch every time, loosing everything I have uploaded up to that point so I am done with them.

So I installed Server onto my Mac mini and set it up using the graphical interface that comes with Server. I have read on this forum that on Mac there is a lot of issues regarding Server and Keychain and letsencrypt and getting them all to see each other but I was prepared to give it a shot. All of this is a learning experience for me, after all, so why not…

So I tried to install the kit from the Terminal and found that the installer itself fails half way through. It downloads something called pip or pip-something but directly after downloading it it says that the installation of that failed and once that happens, well that’s the end of that… I can’t even get the letsencrypt kit installed using their own installer so it’s not like I;m going to get much further than that…

I never even got to struggle with the Keychain issues as I couldn’t even get the installer to complete… So yeah, help would be most welcome… :frowning:

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It never hurts to just ask, don’t see that as a weakness, more like a strength.

I have worked in IT over 10 years not, started when i was ~15 berceuse people always asked me for help due my strong inrest in IT en tech. I was a chef before, now a sysadmin and head of IT. but that’s a whole other story that’s not for this forum :smirk:. but thanks to that I am where am.

I fell in love in Linux and the open source and help lots of new users on an old forum before, and this is why i also like Let’s Encrypt; free and unfinished so everyone can take apart, and do it better.

So if u wonder something and want just to learn more about it, sure, just ask, I would be more than happy (if i have the sparetime for it ofc) to answer as good i can.

If u need some help whit your own server, I can always hint you to the right direction or even put it up for u and make it sable.

Thanks Jacob.

It looked weird seeing someone say they like something because it was unfinished. lol :wink:
…but I get your point. They did say that OSX support is still limited so I expected problems going in… just didn’t expect it so soon that installation couldn’t even complete…

In any event, I just bought the MacMini a few days ago and the guy I bought it from is still removing stuff from it and will deliver it in a few days time. Once I get that back I want to set that up as a dedicated server instead of using my other iMac as the server. When I get started with that I will contact you with any errors I get and see if I can get it up and running.

Will probably make a new thread for that, though. Thanks again

hehe np mate, good luck whit it and yeh. a new thread for that topic ^^

I wrote an article here that is pretty simple to follow I think…

hey jacob, i’m interested! what’s your email?

Check your inbox :slight_smile: