What does this Signify?

Please see this , as they say the SSL value is of nearly 10 dollar and they say it is from Let's Encrypt


Its from Hostinger for confirmation


So they're assigning a made-up value to the certificate--probably about what it would cost from Sectigo or another vendor.


ooh , but if viewed from a customer look who has zero knowledge about lets encrypt is free for all . What would be your reaction (from both buisness and customer side when you realise that you were just a fool alike)

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Reaction to what? That you got something for free that you thought had a greater monetary value than it did? I guess I'm not seeing the problem.


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I can see how this might appear dubious. I can certainly see @danb35's perspective though. Personally, in today's age I feel like a hosting provider advertising that they have SSL certificates for the websites they host is like an automobile manufacturer advertising that they have seat belts in the cars they make. While it's ridiculous not to be able to assume the latter, it's just sad not to be able to assume the former.


We've had some other threads about this same topic here, and it's not against Let's Encrypt's policies for hosting providers and integrators to charge for Let's Encrypt certificates or for obtaining them, but it is, as @griffin said, disappointing when HTTPS isn't already a built-in feature for every hosting plan.

(I guess you could think of it as like a restaurant that chooses to charge for tap water?)

You can also check this huge thread with information about hosting providers who do support Let's Encrypt automatically, normally at no additional charge:


True Word , This Disappoints Other tech People Seeing their billing plan also includes the cost of a "FREE SSL "

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It is, but that isn't what's going on here, at least as far as OP has shown. What's shown here is that HTTPS is a built-in feature, at least for the hosting plans included on the screen shot. There's no additional charge for it. But the hosting company wants to show its customers what a good deal they're getting, so they arbitrarily assign a value to it and say, "look at this extra value we're giving you for free!"


It's a bit of a paradox that we of this community consider SSL/TLS to be so priceless that we want to make it without price to eliminate perhaps the biggest excuse not to use it. :crazy_face:

To me, it's like effectively trying to eliminate racism by telling everyone to stop talking about race because it shouldn't be a factor in most anything.


It's helpful to know as well that the cost of setting up, running an ACME client, and monitoring isn't $0 for many hosting providers. Some use a small fee as a way to meet some of the costs!


You mean we should stop talking about the price of TLS/SSL certs... because it is $zero (or near that)?


  • Anyone charging more than $zero is charging more than necessary.
  • Anyone including more than $zero as a "value price" is over estimating its' actual cost.

? ? ?


That's the tricky part. How do you say that something is so central that it should not even need to be discussed as optional/additional?

Look at this car! It comes with tires too!


Frankly speaking This is a wierd topic as well as a weird question

The Only thing we can do is have a statement from the LE team ,

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