Let's Encrypt SSL Pricing


I have Question that can any person take money against creating and installation and maintenance of ** "let's Encrypt SSL"** ?

Can this charge take per year by him ?


Let's Encrypt itself doesn't charge anything, but there's nothing stopping a third party from charging you to set up Let's Encrypt for you.

I would argue this isn't worth paying for, if that's all they're doing for you. It's a fairly trivial process for someone who knows system administration. If you manage your own server you can learn how to do it in minutes. If you're already paying someone else to manage a server for you, HTTPS should be included since it's basically a mandatory, expected feature these days.


I do not have my own server. I am using an e-commerce website builder, but they charge everyone every year.

But "Let's Encrypt" should stop charging such people because it is automatic and free

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Hi @raghav

it's not free to give you an e-commerce website builder.

So if the certificate is included, it's ok you pay for all.

And it's ok / excellent if website builders use Letsencrypt instead of other certificates. It's not only free, the automation is important.


They are charging a separate price for ssl that too on the year

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but we can give one time pay because this is automated and free

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@JuergenAuer it should be stop by Let's Encrypt because is free for everyone and also automated

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Any web host charging extra for SSL in 2020 should be avoided, IMO. They're saying that their standard product is insecure, and you have to pay extra for security. SSL isn't an extra feature that only certain types of sites need like it was treated as ten years ago.


@BenSjoberg You are right


I thank "Let's Encrypt" that they are giving this service to everyone for free but some people charge for it, it should be stopped by "Let's Encrypt Org"

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That's correct. The conclusion. Such a service (like my own with Server-Daten) uses Letsencrypt certificates to secure the own main domain and additional customer domains.

The feature is included -> so customers pay for SSL.


You are wrong. Please start there:

Letsencrypt isn't free. You need a lot of time and know how to use it. Especially if you have an own online service with a lot of different domains.

You don't have that time and that know how - so you pay.

If you don't want that, create your own website builder and use that. Then you will see that using a Letsencrypt certificate isn't free.


@JuergenAuer is it worth to pay $33.91/year to them

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Create your own e-commerce website and you will not think about 33,91 $.

This is postage ("Portokosten", in german), nothing else.


If you are "willing" to pay the fee, it is worth it to you.
Otherwise find another host that doesn't charge.
As @JuergenAuer states, time is a "commodity". You cant expect someone else to do it for you at no charge to you... If that is the case, then you should host your own site, on your own equipment, with your own bandwidth, spending your own money and time. Then you can obtain a free certificate from LetsEncrypt and feel good that the effort was worth it.


Hi @raghav,

Our great community members have stated it quite eloquently here: We believe HTTPS support should be "free" for everyone, and we encourage hosting providers to do that. But we don't require it as a condition of using Let's Encrypt. It would be too burdensome to enforce, and there may be some cases where it makes sense for a hosting provider to temporarily charge a little more for HTTPS support (for instance if their newer hosting plans cost more and they are using HTTPS as a "carrot" to get old customers to upgrade).

To be clear, when I say "free" I mean "no added cost," since most hosting plans cost money.

If a hosting plan costs $100/month without HTTPS, and and extra $10/month to add HTTPS, you should just treat that plan as if it costs $110 total. If someone else can offer similar service for $105, great. But if the overall service is cheaper than the alternatives, it may still be worthwhile for you, even if it feels unjust that the HTTPS support is treated as a separate line item.


Sure, if you're talking about the whole package. But @raghav is talking about paying that money on top of the base price, just for a Let's Encrypt certificate.

In my opinion, TLS should not be optional and should be included in any webhosting by default without extra costs!

In any case, customers should enforce this behaviour by not choosing hosting providers not having a default TLS certificate for every hosting plan. Take your money elsewhere, to a good hosting provider.


Too bad we can't just "disable" port 80 worldwide...



That's exact my own position (startet 2018 with the first ACME-v2 Letsencrypt certificate).

Certificates are always included, http redirects to https, that's all.

Looks like that hoster has a lot of "old customers" without https, so https is an additional feature.

So that hoster should completely switch to https - job done.


Hello Sir,
Thank you @jsha and @Osiris
You both are right,
But I am not against charge taken by them of creating and installing SSL. I am saying it should be stop to take per year charge for let's Encrypt SSL...
here can be one time charge for let's Encrypt SSL. This can be possible by Letsencrypt.org with some rules or obligations I know this is hard but if community help to follow these rules This can be possible. because Some people are charging very heavy charge to customers.


Personally, I believe in a liberal system. I believe people should be allowed to charge per year extra, even if I also believe they shouldn't. It's up to the customer to choose a hosting provider they're comfortable with.