Just let me say thank you and great job!

I didn't know LET'S ENCRYPT exists until I changed my provider. I used to pay for SSL, but I only have a travelblog, so this certificate is just right. :slight_smile:
Kind regards from germany


Hi Daniel,

I'm so glad you're enjoying being a Let's Encrypt user!

You can even use Let's Encrypt certificates for e-commerce, paid sites, and sites that process personal data. While a minority of users might notice that you're using less financially expensive infrastructure in running your site, there's no technical difference in the level of protection that you would offer to visitors with encryption when using a Let's Encrypt certificate compared to any other.


That's something I figured was different about Let’s Encrypt when I first found out about it. I thought, “There must be a reason that Let’s Encrypt is free!” but, for your information, anyone that is confused about this, this isn't how Let's Encrypt works. There are just good people behind this willing to give their time and money for this :slight_smile:


Don't forget the generous corporate sponsors as well.


Just fantastic! :slight_smile:
I put a link to Let's Encrypt in my new (german) article about a quick and successful WordPress Migration. WordPress umziehen leicht gemacht - I hope that's okay for you!
Kind regards from cold Germany


Hello @Reiseblog and welcome to Let's Encrypt community,

I was reading your blog and I saw this (translated using free web service);

SSL for blogs and websites where nothing is sold and therefore nothing has to be insured can be easily operated with this free version called Let's encrypt

I suppose that you are talking about warranties offered by paid certificates, if that is the case take a look to this article:

Do SSL warranties protect you? As much as rocks keep tigers away...

Kind regards from not so cold Spain :wink:



I agree @sahsanu.

Crypto is crypto. As long as the certificate is constructed correctly, it's not like there are multiple "quality classes" of crypto.

Black Box World

Jim: Hey Bob, I bought the Deluxe Certificate today.

Bob: Ooo! Shiny! It has the capital letters in the fields! Impressive!

Jim: Yeah, buddy! I installed it today and man is my website so secure now. I even paid extra for the extra-long signature!

Bob: Wonder what they put in there?

Jim: Signature sauce, I think.



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