Gee, where do I start?

I’ve been reading through a lot of material here and this appears to be a great community. I learned about Let’s Encrypt from visiting the EFF website, which also appears to have a great community.

All the years I looked longingly at SSL certs without ever buying because the prices are ridiculous for someone just running a personal website. I understand why businesses would want to pay because they’re getting more than just an encrypted connection, with the extra validation that goes into the issuing of their certificates to assure their customers, in the event they’re sharing personal data or making online purchases, etc. I never planned on doing any of that.

Even though it was just a personal website, I always wanted to offer an encrypted connection simply because it’s The Right Thing (yes, I’m a Perlian). Not to mention I wanted one of those cool-looking padlocks on my website. :sunglasses:

After many years, I’ve recently started dabbling with building another personal website. After getting the server set up, the first order of business was securing my domain with a shiny new SSL certificate, courtesy of Let’s Encrypt! The wonderful Certbot tool with its detailed documentation made it quite easy to do.

Having read through some of the posts, I realize a “site seal” is not recommended and I read the articles explaining why. I will certainly adhere to that good advice but I do plan on placing a link to Let’s Encrypt on my site, once it’s ready for prime time. That is just one of a couple of small ways I will be supporting your cause, as you are providing an extremely valuable service to the internet community. Many thanks for all the hard work. Oh…and for my cool-looking padlock, too! :grin:


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