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Im on a mac working and got everything in order thanks to everyone. I travel a lot and some times don’t have the ability to be around my computer or for my computers to be on. I may travel 1/3/6 months. My question is, with the auto renew of the SSL certificates, does the computer that originated them have to be on or accomplish anything or once Lets Encrypt is set up and the auto renewal is set up you can forget about it?

While we are on the subject, as I research how to set it up, anyone willing to point me to a guide in case they have it on stand by?

The Let’s Encrypt service does not perform the renewal for you, it is up to the client to initiate the renewal requests. A typical example might involve certbot being installed on a server which is setup to run on a regular interval to check and perform any renewals as necessary.

It doesn’t need to be the originating computer that renews the certificate, but If you are unable to use your computer to renew the certificates yourself you may need to investigate another computer or server somewhere that can. Alternatively, depending on your GoDaddy plan and setup, you may be able to use a shell script like to automate this for you.

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This is a reason that we really recommend running a client like Certbot directly on your web server and not on your own laptop. Since the server is online all the time, it can typically perform the renewals automatically.

If you don't have administrative access to your web server, we recommend using a host that obtains, installs, and renews certificates for you.

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