Windows host with Let's Encrypt Support


I was looking for a Windows host that supports Let’s Encrypt, a friend of mine who hosts with them forwarded me their announcement, I signed up, sure enough, they do support Let’s Encrypt on their Windows platform.

I tried to reply to the Web Hosting who support Lets Encrypt post, but was unable to do so.

ASPnix - supports Let’s Encrypt for their Windows hosting, apparently on Linux as well. Just thought I would add this for anyone else looking for Windows hosting that needs Let’s Encrypt.


Can you say a little more about how the support works ?

For example is it as simple as a checkbox when you create a web site saying yep, please do HTTPS with Let’s Encrypt? Or do they provide a client somehow and you need to learn how to use it?


It was really easy, I am not sure of how other ways are handled, but I opened my site’s settings in their control panel, clicked the “SSL Certificate” tab, opt’d to install the Let’s Encrypt certificate, checked a box stating I agreed to the Let’s Encrypt Terms of Service and clicked install. Within ~20 - 30 seconds it was done. I did not have to do anything myself other than click a few boxes.


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