Validate problem in free hosting sites

I know the problem . my hosting is and I have a subdomain there and I like it and I want use letsencrypt opportunity to getting ssl . as you know infinityfree block letsencrypt’s bot for validation , I have a question from experts , really no way to pass this limitation? block http validation
subdomain and no dns access .
from their FAQ. getting a free domain from freenom or else would do the job

if you want to find a alternative hosting provider look into this: (this includes some free hosting provider)


Thanks orangepizza for your info I searched all this info before ,I searched a lot for a solution, but I did not find anything, therefore I wrote here ... I thought an expert could show a way. There seems to be no way, and there is no way other than changing the hosting....they encourage people to upgrade their account and sell free letsencrypt ssl as option. I hope that they will pay a fee to letsencrypt.

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