Help i can't do verification


I can’t get a let’s encrypt certificate because my host returns an error for browsers without javascript and all the clients require an http verification and return the required javascript error as response and i can’t do dns verification because my domain provider and my host haven’t a dns manager.

My host: InfinityFree/ProFreeHost

My domain provider: Freenom

My domain: World Wide Global Network

Edit: my domain provider has dns editor, i will see if i can verify from it

PS: No, i can’t change host or domain provider because freenom is the only free domain provider and ProFreeHost(or InfinityFree) is the only no-downtime unlimited free world-wide-cdn host


Sounds like you need either a new web host, a new DNS host, or a new CA.


Since you added this, I think you’re out of luck as far as using Let’s Encrypt. The hosts that you’ve chosen, according to your description, prevent you from using any of the validation mechanisms that Let’s Encrypt requires. If you refuse to change either of them, you’ll need to look for a different certificate authority.


Just in case, try uploading a text file (that is with .txt extension) first and then try accessing it with a browser without JavaScript enabled. If that re-framing they are doing is based on a MIME-type, you could probably configure your server to send verification files as the type which is not a subject to that. See for example this instruction for Apache:

NB: The assumption that you should be able to change the configuration is based on their mention of “Apache 2.4 with .htaccess” as one of the features offered.


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