I need help getting a cert

@SailRN it is possible to run software on your own computer (including under Windows 10) to request the certificate, but you would usually have to do a manual validation step; as @rg305 noted above, "you will surely be faced with the never-ending problem of having to manually obtain a cert and then manually adding it to your site [every 60-90 days]".

Let's Encrypt believes so strongly in automation that it has eventually discouraged approaches that have a manual step, including with "web clients" that try to replicate the experience of a traditional paid CA with a web site where you request your certificate. Like Rudy said, there are many providers that will take care of this for you, particularly in hosting plans where you aren't the system administrator. Working around this is technically possible but logistically annoying and fragile.

A recent interesting exception to the "be the system administrator or have your hosting provider handle it for you" is

which is an automated tool that works for many people on shared hosting plans. It requires PHP and is optimized for cPanel (for cases where the hosting provider doesn't give customers access to the existing cPanel features that automate certification). You could also try that if you know that your existing hosting plan allows installing PHP scripts, although since your control panel isn't cPanel, the results may still not be 100% automated even if it works in your environment.

There is a whole thread here on the forum to help people find a web host where Let's Encrypt support is built-in to the hosting plans: