Simple Guide: Using Lets Encrypt SSL

hello sir Using Lets Encrypt SSL my website please full information send

The best way of using Let’s Encrypt certificates will depend on the details of your hosting environment.

Ok Sir, I give you a link, you do it and I do not know
I do not have any ideas in the ssl

please help me ?

How and where is your site hosted?

i do not have ideas sir
i have only cpanel details
I do not know what host is on the cpanel

please answer send me please please

@tansukh, this is a forum, not a chat. It often takes a full day before people reply here (and we’re also located in all different time zones).

If you’re using cPanel to administer your site, the best way to get a certificate is via cPanel’s built in AutoSSL feature.

Your hosting provider may have disabled this feature, but you seem above not to know who your hosting provider is, so if the hosting provider has disabled this feature I guess you won’t know whom to contact for support there.

sorry sir thank you my website host name godaddy

@_az, I think my recollection from previous discussions is that GoDaddy deliberately doesn’t support AutoSSL in its cPanel instances—is that correct?

Do not understand sir lets encrypt using for SSL install sir please help me any other not idea sir for SSL

I think GoDaddy intentionally makes it difficult for you to use Let's Encrypt certificates on their hosting, because they want you to buy a certificate from them.

So, the easiest course of action would be to buy the certificate from them, or change to a different hosting provider.


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