How to Set Up SSL on Godaddy Hosting

Hi everyone,

I am new here. What’s the first step in getting a Let’s Encrypt SSL? I have been trying to find this information at, but have not been successful. Have I missed this info?
My hosting is with Godaddy

Hi @Macka

the starting point:

And the main question: Do you have an own server? Or do you use a shared hosting product, so you don't have root / ssh access?

Thanks Juergen, I have a shared hosting product.

Then it's limited. Because you can't configure the webserver. Do you use Plesk or cPanel? With a Letsencrypt option? Or an option to upload a certificate?

If your hosting product doesn't support Letsencrypt, it may pe painful or impossible. Letsencrypt certificates are only 90 days valide, so you have to renew a certificate.

I don’t much about hosting/server, etc. I see a section in the cPanel to enable SSH access.

There are two steps you’ll need to do,
The first one is to enable ssh access on your account.

Then you’ll need a ssh client (personally I prefer xshell free) to connect to the server.

After that, use this guide to obtain the certificate…

Please post back if you have any issues.

Thank you

If you have SSH access, you should be able to use your own client. Then check the list of client implementations: is one option.

Thanks very much. I will definitely report back!!

Ok, I am totally confused :rofl:

  1. I generated a Certificate Signing Requests as per Godaddy’s instructions
  2. I don’t know how to do this:
  3. I am a total newbie and don’t have much technical know how.

Please gave me a few minutes / hours… It might be the time to make a video on this matter …

Thank you

Thanks much. It would be greatly appreciated.

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