How do I get an SSL certificate to use in the GoDaddy cPanel?

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My domain is: Not yet up!

Hi! I am going to be setting up a basic blog for someone, and want to get a Let’sEncrypt SSL certificate just to make the stupid “not secure” icon in the address bar of Chrome and other browsers go away.

GoDaddy hosting–we “own” the server. I’ve gotten SSLs before with the .APP extension domains, and installed them via the cPanel, but it has been a while. My two questions right now are:

  1. Where do I actually create and download my Let’sEncrypt SSL cert.
  2. Are there any guides for installing them on GoDaddy via the cPanel?


Hi @RampartComm

there are completely different setups possible. cPanel with integrated support and cPanel without.

Check your cPanel if there is an option to create a certificate.

If not, may be you have to use an own client.


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