List of brands using Letsencrypt SSL?

Hi… Is there anywhere a showcase of all the brands that uses Letsencrypt SSL?

I want to assure my manager (who is not IT versed) that Letsencrypt is production ready and a fully trusted free SSL as good as the paid ones (of level 1).

Also, I here on site and another place on the net, that WORDPRESS.COM was deployinh Letsencrypt to all it’s users. But if I do a check, I see all SSL are from GoDaddy. Can any clarify or shed update me on this.


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Some resources that could be valuable for such an exercise:

Some brands I found in this query:


One thing to note is that major brands often use OV or EV certificates. uses a paid DV certificate for its hosted * subdomains as a wildcard.
Let’s Encrypt is used as the CA for custom domains, automatically issued within 72 hours as a Subject Alternative Name for subject
The main site has an Extended Validation certificate to help verify their identity.


Similar to Wordpress, Etsy also uses Let’s Encrypt certificates for custom domains (there’s also a blog post on how they do it).


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