Kostenlose SSL-Verschlüsselung bei Wordpress


i found an nice information about an new big company that use this CA as default for ALL Domains:

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Does anyone know if this will be applied to other domains? We are hosting approximately 250 sites on a single WordPress installation. We can’t offer this encryption service to them all because of the 100 domain name limit.

This announcement relates to WordPress installations hosted by WordPress.com (the company), not self-hosted installations.

If you’re hosting your own WordPress instance with 250 domains, you can use multiple SAN certificates to cover all domains - you’d end up with two certificates including 100 domains, and one with 50. Note that your clients will need to support SNI for this to work (which shouldn’t be a problem unless you need to support IE on Windows XP - if that’s a concern, you’d need 3 IP addresses so you can use one certificate per IP).

The rate limits wouldn’t be a problem, because the resource being limited here are certificates, and you’ll only need 3 certificates in this scenario (with the limit being 20). Multiple subdomains of the same domain on one certificate will still only count as one certificate.

Details would depend on your web server configuration (for example, do you have a VirtualHost per domain? etc.)

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