How many subdomains are allowed under one certificate?

I am kind of making site where more than 200+ subdomains will be created. One site per user. So each user will get a subdomain.

So can I know how many subdomains i can add in letsencrypt single cert?

You can have 100 domains per single certificate file.

You’ll probably have to have multiple files! The current limits are described here.

Any way to increase it? or how to use it more than 200 domains? get new certificate on every 100 subdomains?

I don’t know of any way to increase the limits. Other people have asked in previous forums, but they were basically turned down.

Let’s Encrypt is a very young service and the limits may change as the service matures, but it really wasn’t set up to service businesses. At least not at this early stage. (I’m trying not to speak for them! I just contribute in the forums!)

But isnt using letsencrypt? how did they by pass the limit?

You’ll have to ask them! I don’t know anything about Wordpress, I’ve never used it. I wasn’t aware they were using Let’s Encrypt.

Your best option is probably to do it in groups of 100 domains each.

WordPress is using Let’s Encrypt for custom domains (i.e. ones that their users own, and use for their WordPress blog). They’re using a wildcard certificate for

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