Multiple certificates using WP Encrypt in WordPress

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I ran this command:

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Unfortunately, I don’t have all the information requested. What I do know is that I am using WP Encrypt inside WordPress on HostMonster. This particular host isn’t partnered with Let’s Encrypt so a manual install is necessary. However, they will not give me access to /etc/httpd/httpd.conf or /etc/apache2/apache2.conf in order to add the code to as instructed by WP Encrypt.

I noticed another question in here saying that they were able to set it up on one domain inside HostMonster using this plugin and I was wondering if they would be willing to share how they did it. I have three websites. Two on one and a separate account, but neither hosting account has a dedicated IP. Were you able to use the SSL/TLS Manager in cpanel to upload a SSL certificate? If so, where do you download the file to upload, and let me know if there is anything special to add in WP Encrypt?

Also, if you were able to figure out how to have multiple SSL certificates inside one account in HostMoster using WP Encrypt then I would be very interested to find out how to do it for multiple sites.

Alternatively, if anyone has another idea that would work that automatically renews the certificate (because I will forget) then I would be very interested to try that instead.

Hi @unstuck,

I think the odds are pretty low that the other successful user will see your question unless you post the question in the same topic, ideally mentioning the user’s forum username (like @unstuck for you). In that case, the other user would receive a notification e-mail about activity in that thread. However, most forum users here (especially people who aren’t involved with developing Let’s Encrypt software or documentation) don’t proactively monitor the forums for topics that they might know something about.

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