Multiple certificates with WP Encrypt

My domain is: Audio-Rescue. com,,
My web server is (include version): Apache, I think
My hosting provider, if applicable, is: HostMonster

I’m using WP Encrypt to set up Let’s Encrypt SSLs on WordPress. I set up SSL for I’m trying to set it up for the other two sites. But all certificates are registered to Audio-Rescue. My others won’t work because of a host mismatch.

How can I create a new account under a new name so I can set up a second and third website?

Also – why can’t I set up more than one website? Does each one have to have a different email address attached?


Hi @MHickcox,

I changed the title of this thread because I felt your notion of “account” doesn’t match our Let’s Encrypt terminology, and it’s important that people see that you’re looking for help related to WP Encrypt. (We have “accounts” but an account can easily receive tens or hundreds of thousands of certificates covering an enormous number of domain names.) Hopefully someone familiar with WP Encrypt will see this thread and be able to help you out somehow.

Thanks for clarifying my post.

How do I add a certificate for a different URL to one account? Apparently all certificates I create all relate to the original domain.

This is pretty routine with other software, but I have never used WP Encrypt so I don’t know how to answer your question in that context.

I’m just trying to find an easy way to utilize Let’s Encrypt certificates on my three WP sites. WP Encrypt renews the certificates every 90 days, making it easy – except that I can’t get it to work on two sites.

Do you have a recommendation of what I can use that is easy?

I’ve heard WP Encrypt can be quite nice, so if you don’t end up hearing from someone who can help over here, maybe you could ask on their support forum at

Edit: Although asking on that forum may still be a good idea, it looks like the developer has stopped working on it (!). Maybe we should see if there is a fork that’s still being developed, or ask in still another thread here if any WordPress developers would be interested in trying to take over work on it. I’ve heard it’s been helpful to a lot of people!

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