Two unrelated domains on one server

Hi there,

I’m a complete newbie when it comes to TLS and any kind of server configuration. I’ve never had a certficate on one of my sites before, but with Let’s Encrypt, I want to join the “encrypt all the things” movement.

I run two unrelated websites on two separate web domains. Both are Wordpress sites and they are both hosted on the same server as part of a single hosting package that allows up to five domains.

Initially it was just one site, Later I added in using the “Add-on domains” feature in the cPanel interface. As far as I can tell, cPanel’s automated processes did this by creating a subdomain, although if you visit there’s no obvious indication of that. I assume this is a standard thing though, for hosting packages.

I would love to have both domains protected by Let’s Encrypt but as I said, I’m a total newbie and have no idea if or how this is possible, or whether it will be as easily automated using the LE software.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Really looking forward to getting two more domains protected.


I think you will need to talk to your hoster, since you have no access to a terminal. But multiple domains on one host is no problem. From Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

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OK that’s great. Yes, I’m aware that my hosting provider will need to give me access to log in directly to the server. That’ll be another first for me…hopefully I won’t wipe the whole thing. :grin:


FYI there is another thread about integration with cPanel: