Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Please see for Frequently Asked Questions about Let’s Encrypt.

Two unrelated domains on one server
How to get a certificate?
When to generate Certs again?
Revoke all Certificates?
Raspberry Pi compatibility
Wanna Try Letscrypt on my Server
S/MIME certificates
Simple and Clear Directions
Letsencrypt's validity duration affecting SE ranking?
Developer Certs
New validation IP addresses
User Certs on Let's Encrypt
Certbot-auto fails with python backtrace
PKCS #12 certificates to be used with MassCert
Completing A Challenge when DNS is Globally Load Balanced (Multiple DNS Entries Per Domain)
Idea for improving the FAQ
Update link in the FAQ please
Python egg_info failed with error code 1
Web hosting production workflow
Update link in the FAQ please
Will Let's Encrypt honor reasonable bits in the CSR for Free/Open Source projects?
Certbot/Letsencrypt authenticator IP addresses
FAQ page not prepared for questions
Will you allow overlapping certificate requests?
FAQ page not prepared for questions
FAQ on forum is a bit outdated
Better help requests through topic templates
Response to Inaccurate Customer Support Email