FAQ on forum is a bit outdated

I just came across the FAQ here, and I think it hasn’t been updated for a while. For instance, it mentions there are currently no plans to issue wildcard certificates, it recommends using TLS-SNI-01 and it mentions validation might be done from multiple vantage points “in the future” (which I think is already being done?).

So I think it can use a glance-over :slight_smile:

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Multi-VA is still only enabled on staging, I believe. So it's not entirely false to leave it out.

There’s a FAQ on the site too these days: https://letsencrypt.org/docs/faq/

So I guess the Community FAQ isn’t very useful. Perhaps it’s locked for that reason. I don’t know if that was the reason behind the lock or not. Perhaps it should be deleted if it isn’t being kept up to date.
Or emptied and with a link to the FAQ on the site :slight_smile:

Ah okay, I just saw that linked post mentioning it would be enabled in production in a few weeks, so I assumed that had happened. Missed the part where it mentioned that the post would be updated when that was actually the case :slight_smile:

Both FAQ's seem to stem from the same text, so I second your last suggestion!

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That would be my preference. It's easier to keep the website FAQ up to date IMO.

@jsha Do you have a preference?

Yeah, let’s standardize on the website one. It would be nice if clicking “FAQ” in the Discourse drop-down would just redirect you to the website one, but I don’t know if that’s possible. As a quick fix, deleting the content and saying “moved here” is fine.

Done. Thanks for flagging this @tomwas

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