cPanel and LiteSpeed Enterprise

Hoping for some increased clarity… what would you guess some generally reasonable expectations re. timelines in having this working with servers using


LiteSpeed Web Server?

Thanks so much for this awesomeness! Kind Regards, Max


Hi @max,

Since LiteSpeed claims a high level of compatibility with Apache, it’s conceivable that the existing Apache support would work with LiteSpeed to some extent. It would be great if somebody could try that out.

If not, we’ll need someone to develop a plugin to achieve support for LiteSpeed—maybe someone from the LiteSpeed developers or from their user community. We would be happy to work with a volunteer to answer questions about plugin development.

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@schoen thanks for the rapid clarity =)

re. LiteSpeed: thats basically what I was thinking as well…

re. cPanel servers generally: any words there?

my assumption is that there’s no way cPanel could be late too late to the party on this… still, rather than assume, I’d prefer to ask those in some kinda position to know for insight =)

(also, thought it’d be nice to have a place to link back to in seeking clarity from cPanel and LiteSpeed directly)

Cheers, Max

I don’t know enough about cPanel to know for sure whether it requires specific support. My impression was that cPanel is a web app rather than a web server. If so, it can probably get support automatically when Let’s Encrypt is integrated with the web server that it’s running under.

Although maybe you’re thinking about support in the other direction: managing the certs from within the cPanel interface?

managing the certs from within the cPanel interface?

yeah, I'm thinking that that would be pretty cool, perhaps then some WHMCS jazz which will allow (relatively) easy integration with my WordPress Multisite networks... one way or another, looking forward to HTTPS for all my WP (and other) things - again, awesomeness & gratitude to all those making this project!

also, many thanks for the words @schoen =)

I work in a heavy cPanel environment (large datacenter), and would be happy to work with the team on getting cPanel integration working. Likely it would require API calls to cPanel’s API to create the CSR and then install the Cert/Key. I’ll start looking into the required API Calls and see if it would even be possible.

I met some of the cPanel developers at a conference last week, and they also seemed interested in having some kind of support for Let’s Encrypt. I might attend the upcoming cPanel conference in Denver, where we could talk about this issue further.

If you’re an existing cPanel user, you might want to get in touch with the company to ask about their plans, just in order to avoid duplication of effort.

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Seeing as I know the speed at which cPanel implements feature requests, I’m going to go ahead and keep working on it. go vote :smile:


cPanel Just posted a big commment :smile:


It might also be a good idea to link to the other thread in this LE community:

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Note that there is an open GIT project for cPanel linking - haven’t tried it yet - but at least you don’t need to pay $30 for it or wait for cPanel to update…

Written by this guy ~ Using Let's Encrypt with cPanel

thanks for cross-linking @rugk - looking forward to cPanel v58 :grin: