New to Let's Encrypt how to start?

Hello I’m new to Let’S Encrypt and I have 2 questions.

  1. If my Hoster don’t support Let’s Encrypt can I anyway Install it on my Server where I have root access vServer/Dedi-Server ?

  2. If the answer above is yes? Are there any Official cPanel Addons for this?

Thank you

Hi @ivanjeremic89

yes, this should work. Check the list of clients.

There is a cPanel Addon. But I don't know, if this works, if your Hoster doesn't support it.

Thank you! As I can see CertBot is the Recommended way to go! But will I have a Let’s Encrypt Modul in my cPanel when I go with certBot? I mean like SiteGround and other big Hosters have in cPanel?


The official cPanel module is called autossl, which is installed by default in WHM 68(I guess) and above.

Thank you

Also, for most purposes, cPanel’s autossl is an alternative to Certbot and is probably preferable to Certbot if you intend to administer the web server via cPanel.


Thank you all! I will go with the AutoSSL from cPanel beceuse it is official build in function.

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