Install SSL Cert Via Let's Encrypt cPanel Add-On For Hosted Domain?


My domain is hosted with a GoDaddy-owned company, so I’m looking for a cPanel add-on that will work to install an SSL certificate. I have shell access, but since it’s a hosted domain, they don’t tell you exactly what distribution you are running on.

Any help would be appreciated.



Free and automatic SSL is built into cPanel -


Can’t you just query the system?
lsb_release -a

How much access do you have?


​Hey rg,

I’m seeking to purchase and manage auto-renew of a new SSL cert, so that wouldn’t work.

I’ve made the mistake of trying to save money, and registering with a Go Daddy clone. When you’re on shared hosting, they limit the web server/O/S information because they claim it’s a security risk.

I’m aware of:

lsb_release -a

but it returns command_not_found error. There is a Let’s Encrypt add-on (FleetSSL) that does it for $30, but I think that’s a ripoff, frankly. I think bluehost is a good option.


[this is NOT A FIX - just a small step in that direction]

You need to ask your Go Daddy clone if/how they support LetsEncrypt certs.
While that hits a dead-end and until you switch HSPs, you might take a look at CDNs.
Like: CloudFlare.

It can’t secure your server; But it can limit/reduce your insecure exposure.
And, at least, make your site seem completely secure to visitors (until you get there fully).

[I do realize (being in security) that this can create a huge false sense security (so don’t bash me!)]
[Because I also realize that being less insecure is always better than not; So I do encourage taking even the smallest of steps in a secure direction (when there is no other choice in sight or within the reach of their current budget)]


cPanel only runs on EL-family distros: CentOS, Red Hat and Amazon Linux. You don’t need any more specific information than that.

Get a refund and move. There’s a long list of hosts that don’t charge for SSL: Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt . Even if you paid up for 2 years, you should still be able to get a refund.

What you’re looking for (a cPanel add-on) doesn’t exist because you’re not the server administrator.

What you can try is something like this: which would auto-renew and install for you. But it depends how constrained your SSH environment is.

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