Complete noob here - Please guide how to get SSL certificate for my domain

Hello there! I tried looking out for ways to install SSL certificate on my domain but didn’t understand a single thing. Can you please guide me keeping in view I’m a complete noob.

I was trying to understand how to proceed with Certbot but I couldn’t find my OS in the cPanel. Also, I looked up my cPanel and didn’t find any SSH Shell Access which is required to give commands for certbot. I seriously couldn’t understand a thing, somebody please guide me.

Thanks in advance!

Hi there @sahil1033.

If you have cPanel and no SSH access then your best bet would be to talk to your hosting provider and see what options they provide for SSL certificates for your domain. They should be able to guide you through obtaining and setting up an SSL certificate.

If they support LetsEncrypt then that is great! If not, you will most likely have to purchase the certificate, if not installation as well.

If you let us know who the hosting provider is, we might be able to provide more detail.

Hope that helps!


If you start with describing what type of hosting and hosting plan you are using, that might help. You could be on some shared hosting without any ability to install a certificate for example.

Additionally, you might actually have SSH access, just not enabled - check