How can i install an SSL certificate on my server and my domain using Cpanel?

my server provider is Hostso, and i need to install the SSL/TSL Certificate urgently

Your host appears to charge money for installing third-party certificates:

Installation of your own SSL certificate
If you bought your SSL certificate from another provider then you need to order this installation service and dedicated IP address, we'll setup the SSL on your domain within 24 hours.

So you'll need to contact HostSo about it.

the hostso team told me that they enable letsencrypt support in my account.

Did they also explain how to use it?
Or configure it?

i´m asking them for it!!! but the didn´t

Without that information, we won’t be much help to you…

i´m talking with the IT Support, they will tell me, i will let you know

I terminated my cPanel license because the way cPanel has hacked up - in my case - CentOS - the webserver they call by a different name than “httpd” was a mess to use anything other than cPanel’s free SSL certificates and support on. cPanel has scripts that want to behave as though it is a “smart” automagic server front end and it is only an impediment to any true Open Source implementation of MANY software programs and dependencies working in yum.

I went to Webmin and never looked back. HOWEVER there is a sophisticated API that cPanel has which Webmin does in a different and steep learning curve way - and somethings like mail do not work like cPanel at all

There is a script that cPanel wrote to allow letsencrypt to work by installing it as /scripts/install_lets_encrypt_autossl_provider

Depending on the OS you are running and website platform you are running you will see if it works or not. It did not work for me with Drupal 7 and multisite.


Hey, has your problem been solved? I’ve had this problem, too.

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