Install cert on hostname

I am trying to install the LE to be used with my hostname, there is no root document for it so I get an error when trying to generate the certificates.

I am using Cpanel on CentOS.

Any help is appreciated.


for cpanel you will need to run the LE script in manual mode - the webroot is /usr/local/apache/htdocs/ and then you will need to paste the certificates into your WHM ( which typically combines them into a single file at /var/cpanel/ssl/cpanel/mycpanel.pem ).

If you want to do it automatically ( to save the manual copy and paste ) there are a couple of alternate clients - and I think a cpanel plugin. Personally I use one of the alternate clients and it automatically updates the /var/cpanel/ssl/cpanel/mycpanel.pem every couple of months - works fine :slight_smile:

That help me so much!

Which plugin are you using? (if there are instructions on how to setup would be greatly appreciated!)

I'm actually using one of the alternate clients - a pure bash script ( getssl ) because some servers I use have cpanel, some have ispconfig and others have none - so I prefer a single client that works with all. It was one I wrote / developed before the cpanel plugins had been developed at all. There are a number of cpanel plugins, however I don't have personal experience of them

If you wanted to use the getssl script then I'll happily help you through getting it working to automate updating SSL's on your server.

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