Autorenew LE on WordPress website? (cpanel and namecheap domain and hosting)

Hi! So I have a website and I kept using free ssl but it became a nightmare to install it every 3 months (last time it hasn’t even worked).

Im a total newbie and have no idea what is apache etc so just wanted to check if there is a way around to have an auto renew through let’s encrypt and certbot? YouTube has been of no help and reading other topics I just got massively confused.

I know namecheap doesn’t support let’s encrypt etc therefore I’m considering to change the hosting (any suggestions that support LE?) or buying namecheaps ssl for 8 bucks. thanks everyone for any help.

Hi @katuska305

there is an expired certificate
1 days expired, - 2 entries

How did you create that certficate? Do that again. Two days earlier.

Or check

to find another hoster.

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If you’re using a cPanel host that (intentionally) doesn’t support Let’s Encrypt, your best option is to switch to a different hosting provider, or buy the paid certificate from your host. You can also use something externally like

but this is a lot of extra work and not the way that Let’s Encrypt was designed to be used.

There's a longer list here as well: Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt

Namecheap are unable to support it because of a contract they have with Comodo, according to their CEO. But maybe one day they will.

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