How to get listed in webhosts who support Let's Encrypt?


I am pretty new to this community, so kindly excuse me if my question happens to be in wrong category.

We are a UK web hosting company and we have recently started offering Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates with all our shared and reseller hosting plans.
We even had a press release released recently announcing the same.

I was wondering, how can I inform Let’s Encrypt community regarding our press release, and how do we get listed on Web Hosting who support Lets Encrypt ?

Any help / advise appreciated.

Thank you.

The first post of that thread is set as a wiki so you can edit it yourself. Click the icon of a pencil in a square to open the editor.

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Thank you for your quick reply…

May be I am missing something?

When I click on pencil icon (edit), it opens a new window with options such as HTML and RAW however I cannot edit it :frowning:
May be my login does not have access yet?

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That’s the edit history, there should be a another green pencil icon next to that one.

@webhostuk It may well be that you can’t edit it as a new user.

great to hear you are offering Let’s Encrypt certs :slight_smile: What’s the Hosting company and can you also provide a link to the press release ? Not only will that help folk find it here, we can get it added to the list for you :wink:

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I bumped your user level, can you try again?


Thanks a lot @pfg
I was able to edit this time, and have added our company name.

@serverco I just thought so… however @pfg came to rescue me here :slight_smile: Answering your question, our company is WebHostUK Ltd and the link to our press release is available at

Thanks again everyone… all sorted now… ! :slight_smile:


Hi @pfg, I would like to add my company who is offering Let’s Encrypt too. May i know if you can help me with it?

You should be able to edit the post now as well!

Thanks! You are awesome.

Dear @pfg

We at RShosting have started offering free Let’s Encrypt SSL certs with all our web hosting plans. I was trying to get the details listed at wiki post but it seems I do not have enough permissions.
Could you please help me here…
Thank you .

Source :

You should be able to edit the post now.

Hi - I’m also unable to edit the list, can I be allowed as editor?

My company is TerraNetwork, our blog post is here: and we’re now offering Let’s Encrypt :slight_smile:

Best regards, Edith @ TerraNetwork

Your user level was adjusted as well.

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Thank you very much.!

@pfg can you please adjust my user level so I can add our company PlotHost to the list?
Thank you.

I’ve updated your user level.

@pfg bump my level up please. I want to add my company to the list.

Should be possible now.

Can you please adjust my user level as well? Trying to move Kinsta from the “planned” section to the “now supported.” I have same issue, I can click edit but only see raw data.