How to get listed in webhosts who support Let's Encrypt?

Would to add Vildmarksdata to the list. Please elevate me!

@brianleejackson: It looks like Kinsta now appears under the “Supported” section, I guess it worked eventually. Let me know if you need anything else.

@ripnils: Your user level was adjusted, editing should work now.


Dear Sirs,

some days ago we replied to the following topic:

Webspace-Verkauf.de1 (https://www.webspace-verkauf.de1) is a webhosting company from Germany and we support Let's Encrypt (Plesk Addon) in all of our Shared Hosting and Server Products. Please add us to your list "Web Hosting who support Lets Encrypt".
Many Thanks and kind regards

Until now we aren't added to the Provider-List on the top of the topic. Can you please add us to the list or grant us the permission to edit the article as mentiones in the following topic:

Many Thanks and kind regards ISP e.K.
Lichtenfelser Strasse 17 a
96271 Grub am Forst

Telefon: +49 (0) 9560 98 16 90
Fax: +49 (0) 9560 98 16 929
Internet: You should be able to edit the list now.

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I work for a hosting provider that currently has Let’s Encrypt available in beta form, will be production soon. Can I get edit permissions as well so I can add us when we have made the announcement?

Hi pfg,
could you add ‘’ to the list or update my user level to do so?

@pfg - It would be great if you can add us too. We’ve been running automated AutoSSL for all users for a few months now. Works like a charm. Hostabulous - No Gimmicks Web Hosting Thx!

@pfg Hi, I am from EasyStore, eCommerce platform provider. We have integrate Let’s Encrypt since Sept 2016. Our landing pages do have your back-link and credit. Can you please help add us to the list or bumped my user level ? Thanks.

Update: I have added to the list. Thanks.

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Hi pfg - Can you also bump my user level, so that I can edit the ‘Web Hosting Providers with Let’s Encrypt Support’ with Netsite, who was one of the first shared hosting providers, to automate Let’s Encrypt in Denmark?

Never mind - I earned basic pretty fast, by reading and browsing the forum. Otherwise, thanks!


Please add our hosting service to “Providers that Enable Let’s Encrypt and Redirect HTTP->HTTPS by Default”

We just finished installing and testing a few days ago. We believe this is an absolute essential service for any web site. It is now on all of our shared hosting servers and will be as we continue to grow. It only makes sense.

our company has two separate web hosting sites aimed at different markets - and and both of them now have Let’s Encrypt by default for all existing and future accounts.

Our sites have backlinks to your site. May we add your logo to our sites?

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Hi hostingexpress! Thanks for adding Let’s Encrypt certificates to your users. Can you link me to a page on your sites that talk about Let’s Encrypt certificates? I’ll add it to the list with your link for you.

For logos and Trademark information, please check out

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I don’t have any content yet regarding Let’s Encrypt.

Can you provide me with some preferred sample content. I will gladly
display it on our site if you provide it.


I would suggest using the Source links of all the web hosting providers that redirect HTTP -> HTTPS for inspiration. A blog post like Neocities, a knowledge base entry like Squarespace, or even a nifty marketing page like has are all great ways to provide information about this to your customers and satisfy the source link requirement.

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ON our website;

I have created this FAQ page clearly displaying and declaring that we
exclusively use Let’s Encrypt.

On our website;


@pfg could you please bump my level. Would like to add our company Inspedium to the list. We’re providing Let’s Encrypt SSL by default to all clients.

@ZahidSindhu You should be able to edit the list now.

Would like to add HostMantis to the list as well. Please bump my level? Thanks!

Never mind, figured it out. Thanks!