No way setting up HTTPS on DomainFactory Servers?


Hey guys,

I want to support HTTPS on my website with Let’s Encrypt. I’m hosting my website on DomainFactory and as mentioned in this thread Web Hosting who support Lets Encrypt my host doesn’t support Let’s Encrypt.

My question now is: What does it mean exactly? Is there (currently) no way setting up Let’s encrypt on my server or do I just have to set it up manually with shell access?

I have never set up HTTPS before that’s why I need a little help for my first steps :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance!




My german isn’t good enough for the detail, however there is a long thread about teh topic atützung-von-Let-s-encrypt-Langfristiges-SSL-Konzept-von-Domainfactory if that helps.


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