How to pass domain verification with a server that doesn't control the domain


Sorry if I ask a stupid question. I host my domain on IX webhosting where I can config the domain via a webpage manager. So I think I can’t install letsencrypt there, right? But I’m able to place some files under a URL of my domain which I think is also a way to prove I’m the owner of the domain and the webpage manager supports importing SSL certificate. Does this kind of way works with letsencrypt? Any advice is appreciated.


Use manual mode and place the json file in the correct url.


Could you please explain more specifically on it or give some page link where I can find the detail? I haven’t found any relevant information yet. Thank you!


You can also use search function. Manual mean the client run on any machine and then tell you what and where you have to place the file on the server to continue the validation process.


Yes, the problem is fixed. Thank you very much.