Manual Domain Verification


Hello! I am thinking of the following scenario to get a certificate for my Windows Server manually: Installing VirtualBox and inside a virtual machine with Ubuntu 15.10.

However, when I choose to run let’s encrypt client with the following parameters (on VM): “–csr /path/to/csr” I get errors related to the let’s encrypt client not being able to verify my domain, which is of course true, since I manage my domain only using Windows Server.

How can I run let’s encrypt in TOTALLY manual mode: Manual CSR, Manual Authentication (through a simpleHttp challenge), everything manual? What parameters exactly do I need to pass?


well the “normal” manual mode gets triggered with -a manual so try to use -a manual and your CSR…


Possibly this is what you’re looking for:

(the situation is a bit different, but the solution should be the same)