How do I obtain free SSL certificate for my domain?

I would like to obtain free SSL certificate to make my domain secure. I have a domain with Godaddy and hosting with IM Creator. Could anyone please help me with this?

I have read the other threads on this topic, but I don’t understand any of the IT language. I have also tried to contact my hosting provider, but they have not responded. Please help.

(PS: I am thinking of transferring my domain from Godaddy to Google Domains, but I don’t know if that would help)

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Hi @Roy1,

I would suggest looking at

The conclusion of this documentation is that Let’s Encrypt certificates (while technically compatible with GoDaddy services) aren’t very easy to use with GoDaddy, and we would generally suggest switching to a different hosting provider or using a GoDaddy-integrated solution.


You should start with the basics.
The link below has a list of providers who fully support LetsEncrypt and those who fall in other categories regarding supporting LetEncrypt.
Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt


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