WEBSITE DOWN DUE TO CERTIFICATE (Your connection is not private )

My website is down and giving me “Your connection is not private” error.

But i notices the certificate expired the same day it was created.

Created on: Jan 17, 2017
Expires on : Jan 17, 2017

The site is presently on working on desktop, but works on mobile.

Please how do i fix this…

How did you obtain the certificate before ? it looks as if you need to renew the certificate (how will depend on how you created it before )

Someone used to manage the website before he travelled, i think he created it. And i can’t get in touch with him anymore.
Is there a way i can create a new one and take out the old one?


Can you tell us a little about your server ? what operating system is it on ? do you have root access ? does it have a control panel ?

it is on Linode Server. yes i have root access. it does not have a Cpanel.

can you just run a few commands for me please (as root ) - what I'm trying to check is what your previous admin used.

history | grep letsencrypt

This just looks through the history for any commands that used letsencrypt. If there are some it will give us a clue as to what was used previously.

crontab -l | grep "letsencrypt|certbot"

This just checks your standard cron for any commands for letsencrypt or certbot ( the new name for letesncrypt).

can you also check if the folder /etc/letsencrypt exists ? as this will again tell us if it's likely that the letsencrypt client was used.

Here is a screeshot of my result…

OK, thanks. It doesn’t look as if he used the official client then.

can you check in your nginx config where the location of the SSL certificates is please ? and we’ll see if that gives a clue as to how they were created. If that doesn’t give us a clue then I’d suggest installing cerbot and just start from scratch at getting a new certificate.

How do i run that? i am not that much of a server person.

Did you check the SSL certs location to see if it gave any clues ?

to install certbot, log into your server as root and run the two commands

chmod a+x certbot-auto

then try running


to run the client, and let us know if you get any errors

@prinnc3, it is useful to check whether the certificate data is in /etc/letsencrypt or somewhere else. You could run ls -l /etc/letsencrypt and also answer @serverco’s question about where the existing server configuration is getting its certificate from (or were you looking for help about how to do that?).

Thanks… It is now fixed.

Another thing… I have a reseller package on Inmotions Hosting. Can i install your SSL on some of the websites?

You should ask the hosting provider. There are many different models for getting and installing a certificate and each provider’s policies are different.

Edit: if you find out something, you could post it at Web Hosting who support Lets Encrypt to help inform others.

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