Ahead hosting doesn't accept free SSL certificates

I have lifetime hosting on Ahead hosting (ahead-hosting.com). They now require an SSL certificate (good). They have stated that they will not accept free certificates. Have you dealt with them before? Is Let’s Encrypt an exception? If not, what can we do about this?
If your certificates are signed by the same trusted CAs that paid ones are, how can they treat them like they are subpar? Would it do any good to get some kind of petition going?
Sorry for all the questions.

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I believe that's entirely up to the hosting provider to select whether or not to support free certificates, especially for those small providers (Although the issues are the same).

Let's Encrypt certificates are indeed also signed by Trusted CAs, but they could easily distinguish that from paid certificates (due to valid length and CA name). I would believe that hosting provider do this for profit. You could try to ask the hosting provider to support free certificate, but it's again up to the provider's mind to accept it or deny it.

The below link is a list of known hosting providers who allow customer to use Let's Encrypt's certificate, most of them would even automated the process for you.

(Ideas are mine)

Thank you

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I have the same problem in texnologia


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