How to add a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate to my Godaddy website?


I built my website with a basic Godaddy Website builder and I would like to add a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate (the one offered by Godaddy is very expensive: I think 60 USD per year!).

Considering that I have no access to Cpanel and/or the File Manager of the site (I think I can just edit the nameservers, and other few settings/options), will it be possible for me to add a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to my Godaddy Website?

Thanks in advance for any clarification it will be provided.


I'm assuming you don't have root shell access to the server either?

You're totally dependend on GoDaddy and what they offer. If you don't even have a control panel, I'm pretty sure you're not going to be able to install a Let's Encrypt certificate. This is probably a deliberate choice of GoDaddy.

Also see: Let's Encrypt Certificates on GoDaddy Hosting - Let's Encrypt

but, @francesckosky, if you control the dns records for your domain, you can switch providers in any moment. And there are lots of providers that support LE out of the box, most without any configuration needed:

(most are paid, though)

Thanks for your replies.

One last question:
if I buy the Cpanel option offered by Godaddy (please see my screenshot at the bottom), do you think I will be able to upload a Let’s Encrypt Certificate?


I don’t know, but I can think of several different options to get a website with ssl for $2.49 per month.

starting from that list, I’d say:

You can check the videos showing how to install Let’s Encrypt certificates on GoDaddy (cPanel) with for example. However, keep in mind that it is not an automated process and you would have to repeat the process every 3 months basically. I would probably consider switching to a hosting provider supporting Let’s Encrypt (see the list here) or getting a cheap VPS, on which you would have full control and could install either Certbot or any alternative client you like (you can find quite a few offers on for example).


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