SSL via NetRegistry

Hi @pepa,

Let's Encrypt is a completely automated service which doesn't have staff performing the tasks that you mentioned. The recommended way of using Let's Encrypt services if you don't run your own server is to get your hosting provider to integrate with Let's Encrypt; in this case NetRegistry would adapt their software systems so that customers would automatically receive Let's Encrypt certificates. Apparently NetRegistry hasn't done this work yet, and may not intend to. We have a community-maintained list of hosting providers that do support Let's Encrypt:

In addition, several control panel applications that shared hosting providers often offer to let customers administer their sites have Let's Encrypt support, so hosting providers can allow users to get Let's Encrypt certificates through a control panel.

If you want to replicate the experience of a traditional paid CA with a CSR, you can use a web-based client like This would work with what NetRegistry has suggested, but recently Let's Encrypt has made clear that this isn't a recommended way of using the Let's Encrypt service because it isn't automated and can't be made automated. Right now, you would have to repeat the entire process at least every three months, and in the future it might be necessary to repeat it even more often. Our colleagues running Let's Encrypt have made clear that this isn't likely to be a good experience for users, and runs a risk of an expired certificate if nobody manages to perform the renewal steps during a particular period. So while you're certainly welcome to do this, it's not the suggested way to use Let's Encrypt.